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Last-Minute, High-Visibility Branding Opportunities at the 2016 Democratic National Convention

This is a unique, affordable opportunity for broad visibility at the Democratic National Convention, July 25-28, 2016, in Philadelphia.


  • Brand visibility in front of the 50,000 credentialed attendees - including delegates, lawmakers, and VIPs - and the 15,000 members of the worldwide media attending the DNC.

Ideal for reaching:

  • Trendsetters, looking for the next big product

  • Lawmakers, as a way to promote your cause

  • Donors, to aid your philanthropy

  • Champions, who will learn of your activities

  • Media, for both coverage opportunities and as buyers

Brand a Smart Phone Solar Charging Station in the DNC Delegate Village

To reserve a Strawberry Smart Bench for your brand at the DNC, or to get more information, click the button below, or contact Ken Hunter at PowerStation | Communications at or 908-295-8946.

Strawberry Smart Benches are smart solar-powered social hubs, created to meet the needs of the 21st Century mobile generation, by providing energy, connectivity, and relevant local information on the go. Users can charge their smart phones and much more.


Smart Benches are making their U.S. debut at the DNC, having been a huge hit in major cities in Europe, including London and Belgrade.


Shortly, they will be rolled out in cities across the U.S., and branding opportunities are available for those Benches, as well.


Strawberry Energy and U.S. sales representative Northeastern Resources have paired to offer branding on five smart phone charging stations inside the DNC Village, immediately adjacent to the Wells Fargo Center.


Have your brand seen by thousands of DNC attendees every day of the convention, at a reasonable cost.  (Brandable spaces: two adjacent triangles approximately 90 inches high by 24 inches wide.)

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