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The Power of PRcitecture -

        How We Build Your "Perfect Burger"

To create each clients' unique solutions, The PowerStation employs PRcitecture, its four-phased strategic and tactical development tool for designing and assembling the customized communications model that will drive your results.



Why make a burger?

PRcitecture first analyzes your business position, competitive landscape, and market conditions that impact your organization, drawing out the business needs and goals upon which communications will act.

Fried or flame-broiled?

We then develop communications objectives that must be met for shared program success. This confirms to you and your stakeholders what “success” will look like.


Add the secret sauce.

In phase three, The PowerStation develops strategies to meet these specific objectives. As skilled experts with deep experience developing award-winning programs and content, we incorporate the strongest communications strategies paired with the most current industry trends to develop the optimum program for a client’s needs. This phase is where the “secret sauce” hits the patty and your brand voice emerges.


Just ketchup, or extra jalepenos?

The fourth phase is the selection of the best communications tactics to propel the overall program. Depending on the needs for a particular campaign, tactics could include traditional and social media outreach, internal and external communication, and a variety of other techniques and channels.

It's time to eat.

The PowerStation leads the progression through the PRcitecture process, with our clients participating in all phases, enabling us to build a collaborative model that will result in success.  All phases of PRcitecture are highly customized for a particular organization’s communications needs.

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