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Post-COVID PR Jumpstart Program

Designed for small businesses that quickly need communication strategy and materials at a low cost!


For just $500, we can help you:

  • Engage your target customers to start returning to profitability

  • Position your products and services to clients' current needs

  • Guide your employees to effectively navigate your “new workplace”

PowerStation Communications' PR Jumpstart Program is specially designed for small businesses to provide focused PR strategies and customized communication tools that will be ready-to-use to help you engage your customers and earn a profit during these transitional times.

What Are You Seeking?

  • Website, traditional media, and social media content announcing how you’re now meeting your client and customer needs

  • Communicating with your employees about how to work in your new socially distanced workplace

  • Announcing your business changes to your customers and employees

  • Launching your new products and services

What PowerStation Provides:

Our PR Jumpstart Program provides a defined package of consulting, content, and customization services for businesses that are new to using public relations, enabling you to communicate your unique messages.  Within this package, we will provide several customized tools, based on your unique needs.


In This $500 Package, We Will:

  1. Have an initial consultation call or video chat to discuss your needs and potential tools that will help drive them

  2. Provide a written recommendation of how to proceed, for your review

  3. Develop several communication materials (based on your custom needs) that you can use right away

  4. Give guidance of how and when to use them, whether on your website, social media, direct to customers and prospects, with employees, or whatever is appropriate for your needs

This is a custom service, developed for YOUR business.  You get senior-level PR and communication expertise, strategy, and content for a fraction of what typical PR retainers cost – to jump-start your business in the post-COVID economy!

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